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  • Welcome to VotaQuotes

  • The Electoral Commission's eProcurement VotaQuotes system delivers a user-friendly ecommerce technology to suppliers.
  • It simplifies and streamlines the IEC's purchasing and quotation processes.
  • Once registered, suppliers can interact with the IEC online through the system.
  • Quotations and tenders can be quickly and reliably uploaded with immediate scoring and feedback.
  • The system includes features such as; supplier registration, reverse auctions and eTenders.
  • With effect from 1 April 2017, the Electoral Commission may not award a bid to a supplier that is not registered on CSD. Prospective suppliers are now required to self-register on the CSD website.
    Click here for more information (PDF).

Running Auctions

Running auctions and eTenders

NumberTitleTime remainingClosing time
0010478723Photocopier: IEC Athlone Local Office (Cape Town)2 days, 21 hours07 Jul 2022 11:00
IEC/RFQ-WC052/2022Office Accommodation: WC052 Prince Albert10 days, 21 hours15 Jul 2022 11:00
IEC/RFQ-WC041/2022Office Accommodation: Kannaland10 days, 21 hours15 Jul 2022 11:00
IEC/RFQ-WC024/2022Office Accommodation: Stellenbosch10 days, 21 hours15 Jul 2022 11:00
IEC/RFQ-WC023/2022Office Accommodation: Drakenstein10 days, 21 hours15 Jul 2022 11:00
IEC/RFQGT484-01/2022Office Accommodation: GT484 Merafong/Carletonville10 days, 21 hours15 Jul 2022 11:00
IEC/RFQ-CPT-02/2022Office Accommodation: Michell's Plain10 days, 21 hours15 Jul 2022 11:00
IEC/COM-01/2022Media Monitoring Services6 days, 21 hours11 Jul 2022 11:00

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