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Running Auctions

Welcome to Votaquotes.

The Electoral Commission's eProcurement VotaQuotes system delivers a user-friendly eCommerce technology to suppliers which simplifies and streamlines the IEC's purchasing and quotation process. Once registered, suppliers can interface with the IEC with little effort and minimal cost via the internet and WAP. Quotations and tenders can be quickly and reliably uploaded with immediate scoring feedback. The eProcurement system includes features such as: Supplier Registration, Reverse Auctions and eTenders.

With effect from 1 April 2017, the Electoral Commission may not award a bid to a supplier that is not registered on CSD. Prospective suppliers are now required to self-register on the CSD website. csd.gov.za

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Running Auctions
NumberTitleTime Remaining
0010453696Cloud DDoS and Caching Service14 Days, 3 hours
0010453591Articulate 3606 Days, 3 hours
0010453409Indelible Finger Marking Ink17 Days, 3 hours
0010453206Voting Compartments: 3 Packs Cardboard7 Days, 3 hours
0010453204Ballot Boxes: 3 Packs Cardboard7 Days, 3 hours
IEC/SS-02/2021Catering Services for the Results Operations Centr31 Days, 3 hours
IEC/RFQ-WC-02/2021CPT - Cape Town (Constantia) Local Office Accommod3 Days, 3 hours
IEC/RFQ-GT484-2/2021GT484 - Merafong City/Carletonville Local Office A3 Days, 3 hours
IEC/NC-01/2021NC075 - Renosterberg-Petrusville Prefab Office Acc17 Days, 3 hours
IEC/MP-02/2021Mpumalanga Warehouse Facility9 Days, 3 hours
IEC/LS-01/2021Legislative Booklets13 Days, 3 hours
IEC/LP-02/2021Travel and Conference Management Services - Limpop13 Days, 3 hours
IEC/LG-04/2021Secure Warehousing and Distribution Services20 Days, 3 hours
IEC/GP-02/2021Tshwane-Mabopane Prefab Office Accommodation17 Days, 3 hours
IEC/FS-01/2021Travel and Conference Management Services for IEC 13 Days, 3 hours
IEC/EC-01/2021EC129 - Alice/Raymond Mhlaba Prefabricated Office17 Days, 3 hours
Running Auctions
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