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Running Auctions

Welcome to Votaquotes.

The Electoral Commission's eProcurement VotaQuotes system delivers a user-friendly eCommerce technology to suppliers which simplifies and streamlines the IEC's purchasing and quotation process. Once registered, suppliers can interface with the IEC with little effort and minimal cost via the internet and WAP. Quotations and tenders can be quickly and reliably uploaded with immediate scoring feedback. The eProcurement system includes features such as: Supplier Registration, Reverse Auctions and eTenders.

With effect from 1 April 2017, the Electoral Commission may not award a bid to a supplier that is not registered on CSD. Prospective suppliers are now required to self-register on the CSD website. csd.gov.za

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Running Auctions
NumberTitleTime Remaining
0010448606Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Solution 20 Days, 1 hours
0010448370Video Conferencing Equipment5 Days, 1 hours
0010446802Fortinet Licence Renewals6 Days, 2 hours
0010446801Firewalls Fortigate Security Upgrade6 Days, 2 hours
0010446800Firewalls Security Upgrade - Checkpoint6 Days, 2 hours
0010446799Disaster Recovery Network Switches21 Days, 1 hours
0010446798Scanning Solution6 Days, 1 hours
0010446689Hand Sanitizer Spray 500 ml1 hours, 48 min
0010446621Face Shields2 Days, 3 hours
0010446618Sanitiser Wipes2 Days, 3 hours
0010446617Disposable Face Masks2 Days, 3 hours
0010446616Disinfactant Fogging Spray2 Days, 2 hours
0010446615Disposable Isolation Gowns2 Days, 2 hours
0010446614Biohazard Bags2 Days, 2 hours
0010446583100 ml Hand Sanitiser For Registration Weekend 2 Days, 2 hours
0010446561BMC Remedy Licence Renewal9 Days, 1 hours
0010446558Symantec Endpoint Protection Renewal6 Days, 2 hours
0010446508Diposable Face Masks2 Days, 1 hours
IEC/RFQ-PPF-01/2021Printing of the Legislative Booklets2 Days, 1 hours
IEC/MP-01/2021Security Services - IEC Mpumalanga23 Days, 1 hours
IEC/LP-01/2021Security Services - IEC Limpopo23 Days, 1 hours
IEC/LG-03/2021National Warehouse Storage Facility2 Days, 1 hours
IEC/KZN-01/2021Security Services - IEC KwaZulu-Natal23 Days, 1 hours
IEC/ICT-01/2021Access Point Name (APN)22 Days, 1 hours
IEC/GP-01/2021Security Services - IEC Gauteng23 Days, 1 hours
IEC/EM-01/20212021 LGE Results Audit Services2 Days, 1 hours
Running Auctions
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