Electoral Commision’s e-Procurement initiative

The Electoral Commission has developed a creative and innovative electronic procurement initiative to provide new business opportunities to registered and approved suppliers of goods and services. “VotaQuotes”, is the brand name of the electronic procurement system of the Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commission developed the electronic procurement system to obtain quotations from registered and approved suppliers. The eProcurement initiative is based on the principles of a “reverse auction” and approved suppliers will be required to place electronic quotations to “win” orders to supply goods and services. The system is now open to all suppliers seeking new business opportunities. The electronic procurement ( eProcurement ) system is expected to benefit suppliers, especially emerging businesses, in the following ways:

  • An open and transparent system – The eProcurement initiative is designed to ensure approved suppliers are informed and can bid (quote) on any auction.
  • All submitted bids (quotes) can be viewed by all approved suppliers at any stage during the bidding process.
  • Suppliers can compete openly for business.
  • An efficient process eliminating paperwork and human intervention – The new system aims to eliminate all possibilities of irregularities in the Electoral Commission’s procurement process.
  • Reduces costs for the Electoral Commission and suppliers – Suppliers save on time and travel costs because you will no longer need to leave your workplace to submit quotes.
  • Ensures broadest possible competition – All registered suppliers will receive an e-mail or SMS message notifying them of all relevant auctions.
  • Auctions and bids can now be viewed and maintained on any WAP enabled cell phone.

Suppliers who register and are approved by the Electoral Commission, will be eligible to participate in the provision of goods and services. To register suppliers must log on to http://votaquotes.elections.org.za or http://www.elections.org.za and follow the registration links. The initiative of the web site has been designed to comply with the provisions of section 217 of the Constitution and section 76 (4) (c) of the Public Finance Management Act, which prescribe that public sector procurement systems must be fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost effective. The provisions of the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act have also been taken into account.


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