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  • Welcome to VotaQuotes

  • The Electoral Commission's eProcurement VotaQuotes system delivers a user-friendly ecommerce technology to suppliers.
  • It simplifies and streamlines the IEC's purchasing and quotation processes.
  • Once registered, suppliers can interact with the IEC online through the system.
  • Quotations and tenders can be quickly and reliably uploaded with immediate scoring and feedback.
  • The system includes features such as; supplier registration, reverse auctions and eTenders.
  • With effect from 1 April 2017, the Electoral Commission may not award a bid to a supplier that is not registered on CSD. Prospective suppliers are now required to self-register on the CSD website. first, before they can register on the VotaQuotes website.
    Click here for more information (PDF).

Running Auctions

Running auctions and eTenders

NumberTitleTime remainingClosing time
0010503515Additional Data Centre Server Capacity6 days, 18 hours04 Oct 2023 11:00
0010503635Digital Risk Protection Service6 days, 18 hours04 Oct 2023 11:00
IEC/RFQ-TSH-02/2023City of Tshwane Prefabricated office Accommodation1 days, 18 hours29 Sep 2023 11:00
IEC/RFQ-SS-05/2023Canteen, Catering and Provision of domestic requirements.4 days, 18 hours02 Oct 2023 11:00
IEC/RFQ-COMM-02/2023Elections Observer Bibs4 days, 22 hours02 Oct 2023 15:00
IEC/EC-12/2023Local Office Accommodation: Dr Beyer's Naude (Jansenville)18 days, 18 hours16 Oct 2023 11:00
IEC/EC-13/2023Local Office Accommodation: Beyers Naude (Willowmore)18 days, 18 hours16 Oct 2023 11:00
IEC/EC-14/2023Local Office Accommodation: Walter Sisulu (Burgersdorp/Gariep)18 days, 18 hours16 Oct 2023 11:00
IEC/NW-05/2023Local Office Accommodation: Maquassi Hills18 days, 18 hours16 Oct 2023 11:00
IEC/KZN-12/2023Warehouse Facility For KwaZulu Natal Provincial Office 21 days, 18 hours19 Oct 2023 11:00

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